Custody Evaluations

Custody Evaluations

Child Custody Consultants believes that it is in the family’s best interest to develop their own post-divorce parenting arrangements whenever possible.  We become a part of the process when a family’s own attempts to resolve these issues have reached an impasse and an evaluation is needed to assist the attorneys and court in determining what is in the best interest of the child.  It is our belief, and research shows, that it is best for children when parents can agree on parenting arrangements.  Our evaluations are designed to promote resolution to conflicts in this area, as well as, act as a voice for the child involved.  The child must always be the main concern, as they are the most vulnerable and the ones in need of an advocate to safeguard their emotional and developmental needs.

In accordance with Utah Code our evaluations follow the 4-903 considerations:

  • Preference of the Child
  • Benefit of Keeping Siblings Together
  • Relative Strength of the Child’s Bond With One or Both of the Prospective Custodians
  • General Interest in Continuing the Previously Determined Custody Arrangement
  • Factors Relating to the Prospective Custodians Character and Ability to Parent

Procedures for Custody and Parent Time Evaluations include:

  • Interviews of parents/guardians, including stepparents and others living in the home
  • Interviews with children without parents/guardians present
  • Observation of parent/child relationship
  • Home visits
  • Testing
  • Interview of collateral contacts (teachers, clergy, therapists, health care workers, etc.)
  • Review of Documents
  • Background Checks
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing

Once the evaluation is completed, a 4-903 Settlement Conference will be scheduled.  This informal conference typically includes the custody evaluator, parents/guardians, counsel and a mediator, the presiding Commissioner.  Here, the findings of the evaluation will be shared by the evaluator.

The cost for custody evaluations vary depending on the type of case and individuals involved. Typically the court will order the cost to be split between the competing parties.

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We believe investing in our children’s confidence and self worth now, is investing in our community’s future.